Curriculum Vitae

I started out working as a freelancer on filming and design jobs. This led me to my first job in VFX as a Matchmove Artist. During that time, I was able to write tools that improved the workflow and the results of our team’s work. It became clear where I wanted to head next. Soon after I became an FX Technical Director, which is what I’ve been doing to this day. I enjoy the problem solving, getting to work on new effects that I haven’t done before and learning new skills or tools as I expand my knowledge surrounded by very talented and inspiring artists.

My undergraduate education started in Barcelona where I studied Computer Studies at the Pompeu Fabra University. The knowledge I acquired became very useful when I came to the UK to complete a BA in Computer Animation at Teesside University. My skills include the advanced knowledge of multiple 3D packages and programming languages that allow me to help my daily work and teams during a project.

I’m very interested in modern technologies as I like testing the waters out of sheer curiosity.

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