About Me

I am an experienced Effects Technical Director currently working in Feature Films in Sydney.

I was first exposed to 3D as a teenager playing flight and train simulators and simple tricks like replacing a train carriage with a blue whale, as absurd as it was, amazed me. From then on, I taught myself as much as I could and went on to leave Barcelona and expand my knowledge at University in the UK which helped me reach where I am today.

My other passions are very varied too. I spent a lot of my youth studying music which fed my obsession with live music. I’m also very interested in modern technologies, from VR/AR to Realtime Engines, specially since I believe that’s where the future is headed. I thoroughly enjoy sports and physical activity, since moving to this beautiful city I became obsessed with Surfing too! A big fan of Board games nights (those that last for hours…), home-brewing, the list goes on!